How to remove bad breath with home remedies

The best home remedies to remove bad breath can be found at hand in your kitchen, they will help you keep a fresh mouth and oral health in better condition, in turn, you will keep your breath fresh and looking healthier.

The existing causes of bad breath are multiple, such as: gastric problems, poor oral hygiene, gum disease, improper diet, constipation, smoking, diabetes, indigestion, poor liver function, runny nose, stress, after eating a meal abundant in garlic, onion or spices, and others, we invite you to read this note on the causes of bad breath.

Plaque plays an important role in bad breath, which is a sticky and soft film of bacteria that can carry up to 50 million, can also lodge in dark places causing bad odor. Hence the importance of proper oral hygiene and brushing. To have knowledge about bad breath there are various techniques.

How to detect bad breath

Some of them are: placing a handkerchief on the lips, blowing and then smelling the handkerchief, if an unpleasant smell is perceived, you have bad breath. Another very simple one is to make a tunnel with both hands, then exhale on them, if a foul smell is perceived it is because the breath is unhealthy. You can also use dental floss, which must pass smoothly between the teeth, you can smell this dental floss.

How to get rid of bad breath

It is for all these reasons that we will detail these 7 home remedies to permanently remove bad breath, here is the list of them:

1. Peach with yellow flesh

Eating peach chunks with yellow flesh frequently will help greatly to improve your breath in a long-lasting way, because it neutralizes that annoying foul breath.

2. Baking soda:

Baking soda is also a great multi-neutralizer, and one of these effects is fighting bad breath. You can use it in several ways: take a little of it by adding it to a glass of water, dip your brush and brush with that liquid. You can also take the bicarbonate directly, place it on your brush and brush as if this were your toothpaste, finally you can mix it with water and gargle with that liquid. Sodium bicarbonate will not only help you directly fight bad breath by eliminating bacteria, but it will also fight the annoying acidity that can also cause a bad smell in the mouth.

3. Tea tree oil

You can directly apply a few drops of this tea tree oil on your brush and brush normally or mix a few drops with water and gargle.

4. Fennel seeds

The fennel seeds have many benefits to eradicate bad breath can be chewed directly or tea can with these and similarly surgirás effect to have the mouth fresher and better tasting.

5. Parsley to eliminate bad breath

Chewing parsley leaves can work to achieve a neutral breath, as well as making a delicious tea or infusion with them to take advantage of all their benefits, in addition, parsley water is very useful to clean the kidneys.

6. Cloves

With cloves you can make a tea or infusion, enjoy this and at the same time eliminate bad breath, the properties of cloves are antiseptic, so it can neutralize bad breath by freeing our mouth from the causes of bad smell.

7. Sage

This plant is rich in antiseptic essential oils, which can remove bad breath by killing the bacteria that cause it. Chew a few sage leaves or, like the previous ones, you can very well prepare a tea. In a cup of boiled water add some leaves of the plant, let it rest for a few minutes and eat after each meal.

These have been the 7 home remedies to permanently remove bad breath. Try as much as possible to take care of your breath and keep it fresh to prevent bacteria from accumulating in your mouth. These natural remedies to eliminate bad breath are a good option, however, if the problem persists you should consult a specialist doctor, since your problem may have a much more delicate origin.

Last tips to end bad breath

Do not forget to maintain good hygiene and oral health, brushing your teeth every day after each meal. Take your time, many people do not have a good brushing because they do it very quickly, this being one of the causes of bad breath, even cavities and other oral problems can also cause it.

Don’t forget to floss frequently and as a mouthwash you can use some of the options, we gave you earlier. Following all these recommendations you will have very fresh breath; without a doubt you will no longer have problems with being embarrassed with others for suffering from bad breath. Smile and talk calmly and confidently, it is worth taking care of your teeth and smile not only for aesthetics but for health.

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