How to remove corns effectively

The calluses are a lump of hard skin (dead skin) on the dermis after an excessive rubbing or friction; usually appears on the feet (fingers, heel) and hands, they are usually very annoying and unpleasant. That is why removing corns is a difficult but necessary task, sometimes we can do it ourselves and other times we must go to a specialist. Join us to discover some effective ways to remove corns.

Remove corns in a traditional way, with pumice stone

There are many ways to remove corns, but without a doubt one of the most popular and effective is the traditional one. Corns that usually appear on the heel, on the sole of the foot and on the edge of the toes, are the most common, that is why one of the most effective options is the traditional one, that of the “pumice stone” (also known as pumice, jal or liparite).

The cosmetic use of pumice stone is well known, especially to remove calluses from the feet. This volcanic stone due to its porosity is ideal for removing corns. But its use has some details that we must take into account so as not to hurt the skin.

The pumice stone must be special for cosmetic use. There are many qualities and today we can find very fine ones on the market that are ideal for these cases. The surface where the pumice stone will be used must be completely dry and without traces of moisture. Otherwise, it can cause skin damage, as well as being of little use.

The pumice stone should be used as a kind of sandpaper; however, the movements must be smooth and calculated. Otherwise, it could affect the skin.

It is recommended to use the pumice stone every 7 to 10 days. Its excessive use can damage the skin. After having passed the pumice stone to remove calluses, it is recommended to moisten the parts, including letting it rest in bath salts or essential oils for a few minutes.

Remove corns with podiatry instruments

Today there are an infinity of podiatry instruments that are within our reach to remove calluses quite effectively; you also don’t have to be an expert to do this job and use them properly. They are fine ergonomic sandpaper that do the same function as pumice stone, that is why we recommend the same method of use and the same precautions. Although the use of these tools may be more frequent than that of pumice stone.

Eliminate corns with natural remedies

There are also some other home remedies to remove corns. Among them we can name the most effective:

Garlic to remove corns.

We make a preparation of crushed garlic with olive oil, which will be applied in the form of a plaster in the area of ​​the calluses, then it is sold and left all night. It is removed in the morning and this action is repeated until the corns are eliminated.

Onion to remove corns.

The regenerative powers of onion in natural medicine are well known and even more so to eliminate corns. You should rub a cut onion in the corns area for a few minutes, and let it act in the area, preferably at night before sleeping. Repeat this operation until the corns are removed.

Castor oil

An effective home remedy to remove corns is castor oil. It is recommended when corns are hard and hard to treat. Castor oil acts as a natural moisturizer that, applied daily, twice a day, can loosen calluses on your feet.

Lemon is effective in removing corns

To do this, you must apply and leave a lemon slice on the callus, you can opt for a not so tight bandage and leave it overnight.

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