How to remove scars on the body in less than a month

With advances in medical science and the increasing knowledge about natural remedies, it is becoming increasingly easier for people to remove scars, which for one reason or another, have on their bodies without spending a lot of money or with complicated treatments.

No matter whether the scar was from a fall, scrape, cut, burn, or is the result of surgery, there will always be a way to remove scars.

These marks will be produced based on a series of factors inherent in the body of each one of us, such as our age, the time it takes to heal the wound, the place and the depth of the wound.

Another of the marks that should be taken care of are stretch marks: skin wounds caused by sudden changes in weight, either due to obesity or as a result of pregnancy. It is characterized by a stretching of the skin until it cracks.

Natural remedy to remove scars quickly

While scars or stretch marks fade over time, they never completely fade. That is why to eliminate scars a series of treatments have been developed according to the severity of these marks on the skin, which are inconvenient for so many. In addition, ancestral wisdom has given us ground and has kept natural and home remedies in force to eliminate scars.

And one of the most effective is the one that we are going to present to you below. For this treatment you will only need:

  • A quarter cup of cocoa butter
  • A quarter cup of olive oil
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • Four drops of lavender oil

For the preparation you must, first of all, put the cocoa butter in a container placed in a water bath until it melts. Once this is done, you add the other ingredients and then mix them until they are uniform. This substance must be chilled in the freezer for at least 20 minutes.

This cream is extremely useful to eliminate scars and you should use it on the affected parts, remember that before using it you must have clean skin. Apply it every day and at night, until you get the desired results.

Recommendations to reduce scars

Popular lore says that it is better to be safe than sorry. So, before having to have a treatment, it would be better to take some simple measures so that when you suffer an injury, it does not become scars:

  1. First of all, you should try to disinfect the wound as soon as possible in order to reduce the risks of a scar from forming due to infection.
  2. Another tip to consider is to try to avoid sunlight giving new scars to your scars. It is recommended that for the first three months you avoid exposing your wounds to the sun.
  3. You should not remove the scabs; they are the body’s way of protecting itself from external agents. Also, if you remove the scabs ahead of time, the scar will be more visible and difficult to remove.

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