Know the benefits of damiana tea

Damiana is one of the plants that has a wide variety of uses, ranging from treatments such as depression to being used as a sexual aphrodisiac. The infusion or damiana tea is widely used in natural medicine, know what its benefits are.

The Damiana grows as a small shrub in very warm areas, especially in regions of Mexico, Central America and South Texas. Although this plant grows wild in nature, many traders cultivate it because of the properties and profits they make from its leaves.

In order for damiana to develop, it only needs a sandy and dry soil, since being in hot climates it does not need constant or strict care compared to others. In short, it will need a lot of heat for it to survive.

Damiana tea benefits

This plant can be easily obtained in markets or stores specialized in herbs, as well as in health food or organic stores, but the important thing will always be to verify its health record before purchasing them, especially if they come in capsules or in tea bags.

Now, the most common and recommended when it comes to taking it is in tea, preferably from the dried leaves of the plant.

Next, we will mention some of the many benefits that damiana infusion provides.

Helps against diabetes

Despite the fact that there is no 100% scientific support that proves the effectiveness of this tea in people suffering from diabetes, many patients claim that they perceive an improvement in terms of the regulation of blood levels.

However, before deciding on natural options, it will always be vital to first consult the opinion of a specialist, since he is the only one who can determine what benefits us and what hurts us.

Soothes the stomach

Another benefit of damiana tea is that it can be used for digestive problems, in addition to being used as a natural laxative.

Most of the people who suffer from some disorder with respect to the digestive system always resort to this infusion of herb to relieve their discomfort. Another plus of this plant is that it contains antibacterial properties that are necessary to strengthen the immune system.


In many regions of Mexico there is a culture of taking this infusion as a sexual aphrodisiac.

Although aphrodisiacs have not proven their purpose, it is true that teas have the particularity of relaxing any tension that we may feel in the body. The ideal thing to drink this tea is to ingest it at least one cup a day, to wait for the results a week, according to its consumers. Those who take the infusion of damiana recommend that the best way to prepare it is to add the leaves after the water boils, so that it does not taste bitter.

For depression

Damiana tea is one of the best to lift spirits, so it would not be uncommon for people with anxiety or depression disorders to resort to it, due to the many properties it provides on the nervous system. Of course, this infusion should not be seen as a “miracle” measure, since it will not replace any drug that has been prescribed by a professional doctor.

The infusion of this plant should only be considered as a companion and not as a sole option. It should be noted that, even if it alleviates the discomfort that may be had, it will not completely eradicate the problem that the person has, especially if it is serious depression.

Certain contraindications of damiana

People who are breastfeeding or pregnant should avoid taking damiana due to negative effects that can occur, since, despite the fact that no harm to health has been scientifically proven, it is best to prevent.

It is equally important to note that its use is not recommended for people who are about to undergo a surgery process, its consumption should be stopped at least two weeks before the scheduled date, because it can have repercussions with the flow of blood.

Although it sounds contradictory, it is necessary to verify that damiana can be used for people with diabetes, being this such a delicate disease, it should not be taken lightly and for this it is best to consult a specialist who allows it to adjust to the reality of each patient.

It is worth remembering that combining certain drugs with some natural solutions can bring side effects to the person, for this it will be necessary to identify if the infusions are the ones that are causing harm, or some other type of medicine or food.

The doses that are being consumed in each infusion will be key to determine the limit that we must take per day. There are those who only require doses of 2 to 3 grams per day, but to be 100% sure it is best to clear any doubts with our trusted doctor.

Natural medicine will never replace what we know and we must always take it into account as a support and not a substitute.

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