4 natural solutions for dull hair

Dull hair is one of the problems that most affect men and women, however, in the case of women it is when they pay more attention to the care of their hair.

Although it seems difficult to take into account, it can be mentioned that if you want to have shiny hair, there are many ways to do it.

Home remedies for dull hair

Although you can find a number of dull hair products, they do not end up giving that luminosity that can be considered natural. Another point to point out is that these types of products do not offer guarantees to give shine to the hair. In addition to that it can expose our scalp to suffer from a problem or fungus.

That is why you should look for a series of home remedies for dull hair that can end up providing adequate brightness and that can be considered as something natural and healthy.

Brighten dull hair

So, if you have dull hair problem then many solutions can be shown so that you can try to find the perfect hair. It is true, although it seems difficult to believe but they can be had from home remedies or other types of options that are considered as natural remedies for hair and with this it can end up being a great complement to make sure that you have a lot of hair care but that you, I ended up looking extremely perfect.

It should also be noted that this type of natural solutions can be used for both men and women.

1- Aloe for hair lacking shine

This plant is a great complement to a good hair care, although do not believe it when using aloe vera; which must be cut to remove the “slime” it contains, it will have to be placed on the hair and try to rub it all over our hair.

After this, it should be noted that it is like a “mask”, however, it is only for our hair and scalp. It is proven that using this remedy continuously, you can give great results from the first month and have a natural shine on your hair.

2- Natural solution with honey and egg yolk

To make the application of this homemade cream, honey must be mixed with an egg yolk and then the application method is to start from the tip of the hair to the root and massage the scalp. This will notably increase the shine and vitality of the hair.

3- lemon juice

Although this is a great debate among experts, it can be said that this lemon juice treatment can be perfect for giving hair shine. First of all, it should be noted that lemon juice or juice will have to be dissolved in water so that every week we rinse the hair with this juice. This treatment will end up giving great results among users looking for a greater shine in their hair.

4- Vinegar

A treatment or home remedy for dull hair that you cannot miss is the use of vinegar; After wetting it, it is necessary to apply a little vinegar over the entire hair and it will have to be left to rest for approximately 20 minutes. After this, we will have to wash our hair and finish giving us a natural shine, in a matter of days.

Tips to restore shine to your hair

For the vast majority of women, without a doubt, hair care is one of the most important tasks in terms of appearance care, so they can spend hours in a beauty salon taking care of it, and more Even when they have dull hair, there are also thousands of products on the market that can make this work much easier when they decide to do it themselves.

One of the main concerns, in relation to this type of care, is to maintain the natural shine of the hair, and this is one of the signs that you have healthy hair, the best thing is that with the application of certain Home measures can easily be obtained very good results, which is why below we will mention some tips to have a more luminous hair.

  1. Avoid continuous dyes: In the case of women who have a type of fine hair, it is best to treat it with extreme care, avoid dyes and even more sorinses, there are those who avoid conditioners or cream baths, this really is not necessary to do so, using them sporadically is fine.
  2. Use your brush more: For those who did not know how to brush their hair every day, they should know that brushing stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, which makes it grow faster and be healthier.
  3. Trim the ends: One of the parts of the “hair” that is most affected are the ends, and that is that they tend to suffer from dryness, which causes them to break over time, in such a way that according to experts, cutting the tips at least once every two months will promote the health of your hair.
  4. Be careful with the hair dryer: If you constantly use the hair dryer, it is best to do it gently, avoid pulling the hair abruptly, also having an adequate distance will surely be very beneficial to avoid dulling the hair.
  5. Use masks: If for any reason your hair is extremely mistreated, it is best to use conditioning masks at least once a week, even in these cases, it would be advisable to go to a specialist.
  6. Take care of it from the sun: It is essential to avoid constantly exposing it to the sun, otherwise it will become dry and the desired shine will be practically impossible, it will have a dull and lifeless appearance, in addition to sometimes presenting a frizzy hair type, which with the passage of days, if you don’t take the necessary measures, it will get worse.

By following these tips plus natural treatments you can achieve brighter hair and restore shine to damaged hair.

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