Natural foods to recover from a hangover

Carnival, holidays, family gatherings, parties and celebrations or romantic nights lend themselves to having a little extra, the next morning, a complicated awakening often occurs. The typical symptoms that usually occur with a hangover, with a general exhaustion, headache or nausea.

These typical hangover complaints are a sign that the body was overwhelmed with the amount of alcohol. The body can absorb alcohol quickly, but it only breaks down and excretes very slowly. Alcohol also stimulates the body to release more water through the kidneys. This means that too much alcohol has an effect on the water balance and therefore possibly circulation. For example, lack of water can cause headaches.

Foods to recover from hangovers

Breakfast the morning after the party is very important to recover from a hangover. It should make up for losses and improve circulation.

If your hangover is big, you should drink enough fluids, especially plain water. In the case of nausea, you should not eat anything at first, but it is advisable to drink only water to relieve the stomach, for example, herbal tea.

The following foods are recommended for relief from a hangover.

1. Bananas

You may have heard that bananas favor athletes as they contain potassium, and it is for this very reason that they are good allies for hangovers. When you’re hungover, your body has lost a lot of potassium that needs to be replenished, so eating a banana when you wake up will provide much-needed relief.

If you’re very dizzy and can’t bear the thought of chewing on a whole banana, a banana smoothie mixed with a few drops of our next hangover remedy is a more acceptable way to feel human again. Or, if you are still able to stand up after you get home from drinking, having a banana before you fully recover can help start the recovery process even earlier.

2. Honey from bees

Honey is one of those miracle foods that has so many applications and helps relieve hangovers. The fructose in the sweet stuff helps the body to better metabolize alcohol and it also contains potassium, like bananas.

If you’re unwell, you can take two to six teaspoons of honey, or you can combine its healing powers with bananas with the recipe above for a double dose that will make you feel better. If you have a disease, such as diabetes, it is preferable to avoid honey in high doses.

3. Carbohydrates

One of the best ways to get rid of that “if I eat something, I’m going to give it all back” feeling is to go against what your body is telling you and eat something – preferably a healthy portion of complex carbohydrates to absorb. all that alcohol in your stomach and mix it with your food while it is processed in your body.

It is best to go with something soft that does not endanger your insides such as preferably whole wheat bread, with butter or some basic pasta (preferably whole wheat).

4. Tomatoes

There’s a reason why people love drinking tomato juice the day after partying. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that alcohol steals from your body and contains fructose that helps metabolize alcohol in your system. One way to stop a hangover is to drink some tomato juice mixed with a little cayenne pepper, sugar, and lemon.

5. Water

You can’t compile a list of natural hangover cures without including H20 (water). It’s proven to work better than probably any other resource in this article, as long as you remember one thing – being sober enough to drink plenty of water after you get home from the party or better yet, during the party.

Drinking a glass of water for every shot, drink, or can of alcohol almost guarantees you won’t have a hangover the next day, and if you can’t do that, it’s best to drink 3-4 cups of water just before you go to sleep. But we all know that having the courage to hydrate with water properly when you’ve had a ton of cocktails is easier said than done, so you can still do it in the morning when you wake up, and reap the benefits of water that help. to relieve hangover symptoms.

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