Natural treatment for throat infection

The throat infections are one of the most common diseases that can suffer and also the most annoying. The symptoms are usually clear: inflammation and redness in this part of the body accompanied in many cases by pain and the appearance of pus.


All specialists recommend treating it as soon as possible, since if we let the infection advance, it can become a major problem for our health.

How to treat a throat infection with natural remedies

However, many people do not want to fill their body with antibiotics, so they turn to a natural treatment for a throat infection, homemade and ecological solutions without the presence of artificial products but which are just as effective.

Thyme infusion

Herbal teas are the most common remedy for treating throat problems and colds. And in this sense, thyme is king, a powerful antiseptic capable of fighting any type of germs.

To make this infusion we have to heat a liter of water with two small tablespoons of thyme (better if it is fresh), the juice of a lemon and its peel.

We have it boiling for at least 10 minutes, strain it and add a little honey before drinking it. We must take 3 cups a day and from the first we will begin to notice a considerable improvement.

Crushed garlic

Another amazing all-natural antibiotic is garlic. Although for most people its taste and smell are too intense, it is a great remedy for throat infections and colds in general.

To get this recipe we have to crush a garlic and mix it in half a glass of water. If we are especially sensitive to its taste, we can use juice instead of it. We have to drink a good sip three times a day and even if our breath says otherwise, our body will thank us.

Apple vinegar

A natural and home remedy, which is also cheap, simple and effective is apple cider vinegar, a product that has antiseptic properties that will help us to improve our cold and eliminate germs in the throat. For this we are going to dilute two small tablespoons of vinegar in half a glass of water and gargle with this drink three times a day.

Vitamin C to treat throat infection

Eating foods rich in vitamin C (or taking it directly in supplements) helps us eliminate cold symptoms, including throat irritation.

These vitamins will make our body respond better to the invasion of bacteria, making it an ideal complement to other natural treatments.

Foods rich in vitamin C are, for example, green leafy vegetables, peppers, broccoli, kiwi, papayas, strawberries and of course oranges. You can find more information about the recommended foods that contain vitamin C.

These remedies will make our problems disappear effectively, but if after three days you do not present any symptoms of improvement, we advise you to visit a specialist to avoid future complications.

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