The best home remedies for a stuffy nose

Having a stuffy nose feels very uncomfortable and it is difficult to fall asleep, but you can unclog your nose with the use of home remedies and grandma’s remedies, read on to know how to do it.

A stuffy nose is generally considered harmless, but it is very annoying. Here are the best home remedies for nasal congestion that allow you to breathe freely and are much gentler than nasal spray.

We all know that uncomfortable feeling of a stuffy nose, especially when the cold and wet weather season comes around, we have to forcefully breathe through our mouths and suddenly we can only speak in a strangely nasal voice.

What are the causes of a stuffy nose?

Apart from cold viruses, other causes can be behind the cold and stuffy nose. These include, for example, allergies to house dust or animal hair. In this case we speak of an allergic cold. Other reasons for increased mucus formation in the upper respiratory tract can be smoke, dust, dry air, and certain irritants.

Also, regular and excessive use of nasal sprays can lead to permanent nasal congestion. Therefore, nasal drops or sprays should be used for a maximum of seven to ten days.

However, it is good that there are many home remedies that can work effectively against a stuffy nose, and you can learn about them below.

Home remedies to unclog the nose

As already mentioned, home remedies can be very effective in treating nasal congestion and unclogging the nose, below is an extensive list of remedies.

1. Inhale to clear the airways

One of the classic home remedies for unclogging the nose is inhaling steam from hot water. The steam helps loosen mucus and moisten the nasal mucosa. Replaced with salt or essential oils such as eucalyptus, thyme, anise or peppermint, inhalation is effective against colds caused by the cold.

2. Saline solution for a stuffy nose

To prepare a homemade saline solution you will need to dissolve 1 g of table salt with 100 ml of hot water. Simply apply with a dropper to your nose to decongest your sinuses in minutes.

Important: People with asthma and children should never be treated with essential oils because they can cause asthma attacks and even respiratory distress.

3. Home nasal washes

The salt water rinse can effectively help clean the nose again. As a result, pathogens or pollen are expelled from the nose.

For them you will have to tilt your head to the side over a sink. Put warm water (or salt water) in one nostril and let it drain out the other side. With a very stuffy nose you have to try several times until the mucus dissolves and the sinuses deflate. Be careful not to apply too much pressure.

4. Onion and garlic against a stuffy nose

It may take some getting used to, but this home remedy is very effective: if you suffer from nasal congestion, you can cut an onion into chunks, place it in an open container, and place it at the height of your pillow next to the bed.

In addition to onions, this can also be done with fresh garlic. Smelling freshly cut onions can also be helpful. The pungent smell of onion brings tears to our eyes, the vapors can loosen the mucus in a stuffy nose.

5. Basil leaves

Chewing basil leaves (3 – 4) in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before going to bed can provide relief from the problem of nasal congestion. You can consume a tea prepared with basil leaves and water for the best results.

6. Consume hot broths

Consuming hot soups can also cure the problem of nasal congestion. Consuming hot water in vegetable soup, lentil soup 2 to 3 times a day can help in treating nasal congestion.

7. Inhale essential oils

Inhaling the scent of eucalyptus oil can clear your nasal obstruction. Another option is to inhale the aroma of peppermint oil. This remedy can be used by putting a few drops of peppermint oil on a handkerchief.

8. Consume herbal teas

Consuming an infusion prepared with the use of different herbs such as chamomile, peppermint and blackberry can provide relief from the problem of nasal congestion. Consuming a tea prepared with the use of rosemary and ginger leaves can cure the problem of nasal congestion.

9. Pure honey

Consuming pure honey (2 teaspoons) on a regular basis can treat the problem of nasal congestion.

You can consume a glass of warm water with honey (2 – 3 teaspoons) for best results.

10. Apple cider vinegar

Consuming apple cider vinegar (2 teaspoons) mixed in a glass of warm water is also efficient. This mixture should be consumed at least 3 to 4 times in a day for effective results. Also, it is important to note that consuming apple cider vinegar can prevent respiratory problems.

11. Ginger

Consuming fresh grated ginger (1 teaspoon) with a glass of warm water can alleviate the problem of nasal congestion.

You can consume a tea prepared with a mixture of ginger, lemon juice and honey for effective results.

12. Mustard oil

Putting mustard oil in the nasal passages can help in clearing the nasal passages. It is advisable for a person to consume food prepared with mustard oil to treat the problem of nasal congestion.

13. Eucalyptus oil

You can take a bath with water containing eucalyptus oil (8-10 drops) to cure the problem of nasal congestion. Inhaling the aroma of eucalyptus oil can also provide effective results.

Stuffy nose: when to go to the doctor?

In general, a stuffy nose is not a cause for concern. However, if symptoms do not improve within a week despite medications or home remedies, or if you have a fever or sinus pain, you should see a doctor as there could be sinusitis.

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