Use duct tape to remove calluses

Corns are thickened layers of skin that are formed by the constant friction in that area with other surfaces. When they appear on the feet, many are the women who undertake a battle to remove calluses on the feet that is so unsightly, especially if they want to wear open shoes.

Hence, a wide range of options have appeared to remove corns, many of which can be done from the comfort of home.

Although this condition does not affect the health of those who have it, it never hurts to receive an appropriate treatment to eliminate corns, since corns can lead to complications in the long run, especially in people with diabetes or some other ailment that makes them prone to infection or ulcers.

Remove corns using tape

One of the most common home remedies for these treatments involves tape and some bread, with this you will be able to remove calluses from any area:

All you have to do is dip a slice of old bread in a container with apple cider vinegar, and then wrap the slice on the foot where you want to remove the calluses with adhesive tape. Then bandage yourself with plastic wrap and put on a cotton stocking. By the next morning the callus should be gone.

How to prevent corns

While it is true that there are many different treatments to treat and remove calluses, the truth is that many women will agree that they would rather not have to undergo them.

That is why prevention is sometimes a more attractive alternative than just removing corns. In such a way that below we will present a series of tips with which you can prevent your feet from filling with calluses:

Soak your feet

Every two or three days you should soak your feet in a container with hot water and salt, this will help the hardened areas of the skin to soften. Once this is done, use a pumice stone to remove excess skin, focus on the heels and soles of the feet.

Keep your feet hydrated

Apply moisturizers to your feet. Because the soles of the feet have few sebaceous glands, the skin can easily become dry. In such a way that it is advisable, after washing them, to hydrate them with a cream or body lotion. Of course, look for brands that have ingredients like peppermint oil.

Do not wear shoes that squeeze

The best way to avoid suffering from calluses is to avoid putting a lot of stress on your feet. To do this, although it may cost a bit more than one, you should consider wearing more comfortable shoes, avoiding in particular those with too fine toes or very high heels.

In the same way, try to use smooth socks, without having roughness or fine seams. And every night doesn’t forget to massage your feet before going to sleep.

If none of these treatments to remove calluses does not have the desired effect, do not hesitate to consult a specialist in the field.

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