Watermelon juice to reduce inflammation of the belly and eliminate gas

There are various foods, especially those of plant origin, which help, through their cleansing properties, to reduce inflammation of the belly, eliminating liquid and in turn providing the body with vitamins and minerals. Such is the case of watermelon, cucumber, lemon and other citrus fruits.

The distention of the abdomen, bulging or abdominal swelling, as this condition is commonly called, produces really very uncomfortable sensations in those who suffer from it. This is not a serious health condition, nor is it linked to being overweight, everyone can suffer from it if they do not follow a diet appropriate to their intestinal flora.

What causes a swollen or bulging belly?

As a general rule, the wrong combination of food that we supply to the body, poor chewing and stress, are the primary causes of this very common, but unpleasant condition. As a result, the presence of flatulence, belching and even heartburn can occur in conjunction with this condition, also including a very noticeable change in mood in those who suffer from it.

Belly swelling is very unpleasant, but in turn, it is also a factor that can make us look as if we have accumulated fat in the belly, although in reality it is not like that.

How to reduce inflammation of the belly

Being a consequence of several factors that we can avoid, and considering that we can eat a diet according to our needs to avoid it, on some occasion we will need to eliminate those gases and reduce inflammation of our belly, and that is where the benefits of watermelon juice come into play. which will help us reduce inflammation and stimulate the elimination of intestinal gas.

It is a very refreshing drink and can be made very quickly. Being a low-calorie juice, it can be easily adapted to any diet or diet. Remember that it also works as a powerful digestive juice and stimulates weight loss due to its combination with other very nutritious vegetables, such as cucumber and lemon.

How to prepare watermelon juice

It is an ideal drink to have on hand, or to prepare it at that time, when we have that abdominal discomfort, since it has a rapid effect on our body. It can also help prevent abdominal swelling, so try to accompany your meals with it as well. Something you should keep in mind is to avoid soft drinks and gauze drinks as much as possible, as they can cause more flatulence and promote distention of the abdomen.


  • Half a watermelon
  • one or two sticks of celery
  • 1 large cucumber
  • 1 and ½ lemon
  • 1 liter of water

Preparation method

To make the juice as delicious as possible, we must remove the watermelon seeds, and this will be cut into small pieces like the cucumber and the celery sticks, which must be peeled and previously well washed. The lemon is added in slices, at the end, which must also be well washed.

We put everything in the blender and blend, saving a little water to add at the end. Once blended, we will add the lemon slices and water. You can add ice to have a cool drink and have it freshly prepared.

This drink can be consumed before, during or after meals, and to obtain better cleaning benefits in our body, we can consume it for 7 days.

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