What is Colloidal Silver and its many beneficial uses

Silver has long been considered the perfect natural antibiotic. In times past, countrymen used to fill their canteens with fresh water and pour a trickle of water over a silver coin to drink the pure water on warmer days. Silver has been used for decades on the eyes of newborns to prevent infection. All of this happens because harmful bacteria cannot survive in an environment rich in silver particles. That is the reason why colloidal silver is such a powerful remedy to fight any disease.

What is Colloidal Silver

Colloids are the smallest biological form of any matter. They are small enough to pass through any membrane and therefore easily pass through the digestive process and are easily absorbed by the body. The word “colloidal” means that silver is electrically removed from its source and attached to water molecules to form a new molecule. It is, however, an extremely unstable molecule and must be kept, for its correct conservation, in dark glass bottles, away from direct contact with sunlight. The new molecule divides when it is stored in plastic containers.

Multiple and beneficial uses of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver enables the body’s natural immune defense

There are many benefits derived from colloidal silver. Colloidal silver enables the body’s natural immune defense and is powerfully alkaline. It occurs when, by means of an electromagnetic process, tiny particles of silver are extracted from a larger sample of pure silver into distilled water (this is the water that is normally used). The electrical charge on each atom keeps these tiny particles in suspension. This is essential to achieve the effectiveness of silver as it allows the particles to move more easily through the body.

Colloidal silver is a very powerful natural antibiotic

Another benefit is that colloidal silver has been recognized as a very powerful natural antibiotic. Scientific research has shown that it works by acting as a catalyst, destabilizing the enzyme that single cell bacteria, fungi, and viruses require for oxygen metabolism. This causes the death of the invading cell without causing any damage to any human enzyme, resulting in the organisms that are causing the disease being expelled from the body.

It also works through the negative charge on the silver clusters linking with the positive charge on the germ / bacteria. This causes the interruption of the biological function of the germs which means that it is unable to reproduce.

Colloidal silver and the debate

Colloidal silver has been the subject of heated debate in medical circles. In the 19th century, colloidal silver was used very prominently in the treatment of all diseases and infections both of the skin and common colds. This continued use continued until 1983 when the FDA began its long and violent crackdown on the use of colloidal silver. It is posited that the FDA’s disregard for the use of colloidal silver and its derivatives stemmed from the threat they posed to the highly lucrative antibiotic industry. Until very recently, any silver-based product had to be classified as a pre-1938 drug. However, now that the FDA has begun to re-approve the use of colloidal silver, more and more products have appeared.

Colloidal silver has a wide field of application:

  • Add to drinking water when traveling or camping to keep the water clean.
  • Spray on burns. They heal faster and without scarring.
  • Safely sterilize anything from toothbrushes to surgical instruments.
  • Topical use on cuts, wounds, burns, rashes, sunburns, razor wounds, without burning and with an important healing power.
  • Spray on trash to avoid rotting odors or other odors.
  • Spray kitchen sponges, towels, cutting boards to remove E. coli and Salmonella, to prevent food poisoning, gastrointestinal inflammation, and genital tract infections.
  • Add to jars or bags when used to store, preserve, bottle or freeze food.
  • Use it for pimples on the face, acne and other blemishes.
  • Add to juices to improve shelf life.
  • Spray on shoes, between toes, between legs to end more itchy skin, athlete’s foot, fungus, jock itch.
  • Spray on bacterial infections, yeast, hives.
  • Reduces dandruff, psoriasis, skin rashes.
  • Add to bath water, gargle, shower, colon irrigation, nasal spray and dental solutions with water.
  • Cut downtime drastically for colds, flu, staph pneumonia, strep, respiratory infections, rhinovirus and you can prevent them.
  • Helps prevent, stop and cure infections, in itchy skin, eyes and ears, some moles and warts disappear when sprayed on the body after bathing.
  • Use with Q-tip on nail and ear fungus.
  • Neutralizes cavities and bad breath. Stops halitosis by killing bacteria in the throat and on the back of the tongue. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, colloidal silver never allows the resistant pathogen strain to evolve.
  • Put a few drops on bandages to shorten the healing times.
  • Use as a hand sanitizer spray.
  • Ideal for body odor.
  • Toothache, mouth ulcers, irritation by bacteria are reduced or healed, the pain in some cases goes away.
  • Soak dentures to reduce the number of bacteria and help prevent infections in the mouth.
  • Spray in the refrigerator, freezer, and inside of food trash cans.
  • Stops mold and rot on wood.
  • Add to water-based paints, wallpaper paste, dishwashers, cleaning products, etc., to stop fungus growth.
  • Spray on pet beds and allow to dry.
  • Mix a little in water for pets, bird spaces, and vases.
  • Always add water to cooler and spray the inside of lunch boxes.
  • Spray clean air conditioning filters and filters after cleaning, also before changing, for refrigerators, HEPA filters, for filtration systems and water filters, etc.
  • Clean air ducts and vents to prevent breeding grounds for germs.
  • Use routinely in the laundry, in the final rinse water and always before packing clothes out of season.
  • On damp clothes or towels and cloths, this will prevent them from getting moldy.
  • Eliminates unwanted micro-organisms in planting soils and hydroponic systems.
  • Spray on plant foliage to stop fungus, mold, rot, and most plant diseases.
  • Treat in pools, fountains, humidifiers, hot tubs, hot tubs, bathtubs, dishwashers, cooling towers, steam rooms.
  • Spray on the inside of shoes, bandages and gloves and periodically on the nails.
  • Spray on socks and allow to air dry before wearing
  • In shower stalls, bathtubs, fountains, animal troughs, razors to avoid commercial germs.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before storing or using them.
  • Put in the cooking water.
  • Shampoos for people and animals, in green cleaning products, liquid soaps, facial toners become disinfectant / antibacterial when colloidal silver is added.
  • Avoid mold on carpets, curtains, and wallpaper.
  • Clean telephone nozzles, pipes, headphones, earphones, eyeglass frames, brushes, combs.
  • Excellent for diapers and diaper chafing.
  • Spray toilets, dishes, tile floors, sinks, urinals, door handles.
  • Kill lingering odors by spraying area.
  • Rinse pillowcases, sheets, towels, and bedding.
  • Spray on wet hair and brush for added shine and dandruff control.

Colloidal silver products contain it in minuscule proportion, and can rarely cause side effects, unless used in large quantities and it should be noted that it should not be taken for long periods of time, or administered at children or pregnant women, and less as a complementary treatment in cases of cancer or acute kidney disease. In any case, before taking it, always ask a specialist.


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