10 home remedies made with olive oil

Olive oil is said to have many characteristics that promote good health. However, this depends on the quality of the olive oil that we include in our home remedies.

On numerous occasions we have commented on our website the importance of consuming olive oil in your diet due to its great benefits: Olive oil is rich in oleic acid, it benefits good cholesterol, it is an antioxidant, it improves digestion. For them we are going to show you 10 home remedies with olive oil that you can do very easily at home.

Are olive oil home remedies recommended?

Will making home remedies with olive oil be very beneficial for your health compared to the economic expense that it means? Yes, because olive oil acts as a tonic on our skin, repairs hair, nourishes our nails and has a protective effect. In addition, it provides elasticity to our skin.

But when we talk about home remedies with olive oil, we are not referring only to beauty treatments, because there are home remedies for heartburn or constipation that require the use of olive oil. Go ahead and make these 10 home remedies with olive oil! Because it pays!

1. Home remedy for heartburn

To alleviate this ailment, it will help to take a tablespoon of raw olive oil, as it will act as a protector on your stomach. For the oil to prevent discomfort, you must have an empty stomach and wait two hours before consuming any food.

2. For constipation

You should take the olive oil in the morning and on an empty stomach, two tablespoons of raw olive oil. Olive oil is an effective remedy because it acts as a mild stimulant and laxative to treat constipation problems.

3. Home remedy for rheumatism and sprains

Olive oil has properties similar to ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory used to relieve pain. Therefore, in cases of rheumatism and sprains, two tablespoons of olive oil can be applied to the affected area, in the form of massages. We will notice relief after doing a massage for ten minutes, by allowing the olive oil to be absorbed.

4. Olive oil to reduce foot fatigue

Our feet suffer from the stress of our daily life and we do not always take care of them as they deserve. But with a gesture as simple as applying a few drops of olive oil in the palm of our hands to proceed to massage our feet, we can mitigate fatigue.

5. Home remedy to detoxify the body

If you combine olive oil and lemon, you will help the liver to do its job more efficiently. Take on an empty stomach, waiting half an hour to eat any food, a drink made of water, olive oil and lemon will help you detoxify the body.

  • How to make it?
  • Put in the blender a glass of water, a tablespoon of olive oil and a lemon that you will have cut into small pieces.

6. Olive oil against acne

We can make a tonic to apply to our skin and treat acne based on lavender essential oil and olive oil.

  • How to prepare the tonic?
    We introduce in ¼ of olive oil, 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • How to apply it?
    On the affected area, this tonic will be applied daily with gentle facial massages. Then, we will remove with water.

7. Hydrate the body with this oil

After showering, apply a thin layer of olive oil to the skin of your body, allowing the skin to absorb it. The moisturizing capacity of olive oil makes it an indispensable ally of any health product, with olive oil you can hydrate your body almost immediately, since it is a natural product.

8. Strengthen nails with olive oil

Add olive oil to a container and soak your nails in it for five minutes. You can do this operation every day before going to bed. The properties of olive oil will help strengthen your nails as it helps restore strength to dry and cracked nails.

9. Olive oil for dull hair

You can restore shine to your hair by applying a few drops of olive oil to it before washing it regularly. Let the olive oil act on the hair for about ten minutes. Olive oil, as we mentioned above, is a natural moisturizer for the body and hair, which will restore its natural shine.

10. Home remedy to repel mosquitoes

We make it with essential oil of citronella , cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus or castor, along with olive oil.

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