Bay leaves and their calming effects on the body

Bay leaves are a common staple in people’s herb and spice catalogs. It is not easily associated with anything other than cooking and it is a shame, since bay leaves have numerous benefits and properties beyond their ability to enrich the palate because it is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, it can be added to many health tonics and elixirs. Did you know that bay leaves have calming effects? Read on to find out how to use it for.

Wonders of Laurel Leaves

Bay leaves is one of these ingredients that you cannot miss in the kitchen for giving it a rich taste and smell. Its smell comes from compounds that have an effect on the digestive system. Using bay leaves in the kitchen may help ease digestive problems.

Additionally, bay leaf helps to enrich the effectiveness of antioxidants found in other foods, when used as a spice. Using bay leaves for this purpose can help boost the immune system, protect your body against harmful free radicals, and help heal wounds.

Bay leaves are also high in vitamin A. This vitamin is known to help with cognitive function and can protect the mucous membranes and skin.

Along with using bay leaves in cooking, tea made from bay leaves also helps provide the same benefits. Tea made from bay leaves can help with digestion, suppress appetite, and help prevent nausea, cramps, and bloating.

Bay leaves and their calming effects

Beyond the conventional methods of consuming bay leaves, such as flavoring foods, and making rich, medicinal teas, these plants can be burned and inhaled to surprising effect.

A Russian scientist discovered the beneficial effects of burning these leaves. While laurel has been considered a sacred tree in some cultures, the active ingredients contained in the leaves offer a number of health benefits.

The oils in the leaves have compounds of pinene, cineole, and elemicin. Burning this combination of chemicals causes a stimulating, but slightly calming, psychedelic effect.

Burning bay leaves to relax the body

For this you must take a dry bay leaf (or a few) and light it in the same way as you would with an incense. Let it burn and fill the room with smoke. Spend some time in the room and inhale the smoke. By the time the smoke clears, you should have breathed in enough of the fumes to receive the benefits of the bay leaf burning. There is more than one active ingredient in this herb. Each oil combines its effects for a unique experience.

This is an easy way to remedy fatigue and tension. It can be calming and put you in a relaxed frame of mind. Whether you are suffering from fatigue, tension or stress, try this simple home remedy.

The sedative effects of bay leaves can ease arthritis pain

The soothing effects of bay leaves are so certainly effective that they can relieve arthritis pain and improve circulation. The combined effect of the oils culminates in a sedative. It will not treat any condition, but it can provide momentary relief.

Along with burning bay leaves to reduce fatigue or tension, use leaves for cooking to receive the health benefits mentioned above.

The effects vary greatly. It all comes down to how well the plant is grown, and it dries.

If you have breathing problems or don’t want to be in a smoky room, you can achieve the same effect by making a tea with copious amounts of the herb.

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