Home remedies for cold sores

The appearance of cold sores or oral herpes is characterized by being an infection that occurs in the area of ​​the lower and upper lip, it can also appear on the inside of the mouth and the gums, this infection is produced by a virus that is known as the herpes simplex virus or by the acronym (HSV).

But don’t worry, with these home remedies you can treat the annoying symptoms of cold sores and eradicate it quickly by eliminating the virus from your mouth. You must bear in mind that it is very contagious, so you should be careful if you suffer from this virus.

Symptoms of cold sores

Thousands of people suffer from cold sores as it is a common problem but it can be treated or avoided with a correct diet. The symptoms that it presents are very clear, a tingling sensation in the mouth, a tremendous burning in the lips, inflammation, blisters and sores, some even presenting eruptions of pus.

But you should not give up, since there are a series of home remedies for cold sores that are really effective and that we propose below.

Causes of herpes on the lips

After having contracted the herpes simplex virus, it will not be activated until it is triggered by something, later one or more mouth ulcers will be triggered. Triggers are usually different from person to person. The most common are stress, tiredness, an injury to the affected area, strong sunlight, and in women, monthly periods.

Some people get cold sores a few times a year, while others may get it only once in their life. However, some people have the virus in their body, but since it is never activated, they will not have these symptoms.

Cold sore remedies that you can find at home

Unlike commercial treatments against cold sores, which are very expensive and have a series of chemical components, the home remedies that we will show you today are totally natural, they do not have contraindications (unless you are allergic to any ingredient they have) and most importantly, they work.

In addition, the products we need can be easily found in any home. One last tip before you start: You should not tear off the skin that covers the sores, no matter how ugly they look. The best thing in these cases is to let them fall by themselves.

1. Use vitamin C to eliminate cold sores

The vitamin C that is present in all citrus fruits is a nutrient that helps treat cold sores, since one of the functions of this vitamin is to eliminate toxins that cause the development of germs and viruses such as herpes.

2. Apply black tea on the lip

Use of black tea: This is a very effective method to fight cold sores and its application is very simple, you should use a freshly prepared tea bag moistened with the tea, you should leave it on the affected area and re-moisturize it, as well several times. This is a method that treats cold sore infection.

Try a garlic home remedy

3. Honey and vinegar

To avoid inflammation, we can apply a small spoonful of honey with a few drops of vinegar in the area affected by herpes, this will help to disinfect and deflate the lip which will give us a feeling of rapid relief.

4. Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera

This substance has healing properties that will be great for drying and healing the ulcers caused by cold sores. To do this, we only have to apply a little aloe with the help of a cotton ball, let it act and then clean.

5. Lemon

In general, lemon acids are a natural antiseptic that will serve as a disinfectant for any type of wound and will also be very effective in this particular case. We have to put a few drops of lemon two or three times a day on the blisters and although it can be a little irritating to the skin, it works.

6. Hydrogen peroxide

Another very simple and easy to use home remedy for cold sores is hydrogen peroxide. To apply it, we only have to wet a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the sores 3 times a day. As we mentioned in other posts, hydrogen peroxide is an excellent disinfectant for wounds.

7. Gentian Violet

You will find it without problems in any herbalist, naturalist store or parapharmacy. It is a substance highly appreciated for its hemostatic characteristics and it will help us to dry herpes more quickly. To do this, it is best to apply it to the affected area with the help of a cotton swab for the ears.

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