Home remedies for heartburn

Although heartburn is not a serious disease, it is a really annoying ailment due to the symptoms that it entails, but we must know that there are home remedies to treat stomach pain. Hence, it is common for homes to use home remedies for heartburn and end naturally with that uncomfortable sour or bitter taste in the throat that is generated when stomach acids rise to the esophagus in instead of staying in the stomach which also generates gastritis.

Why it is necessary to use home remedies

Above all, heartburn occurs after a very large meal, when we have ingested fats and spices, or when the consumption of alcohol or carbonated drinks has been exceeded, because then the stomach produces more gastric acids than usual. But in addition to a poor diet, heartburn can also be caused by stress or eating quickly due to lack of available time. Nature offers us a series of plants and foods that we can use effectively in case of heartburn.

Home remedies for heartburn in the form of infusions:

Laurel infusion.

The laurel promotes digestion, protects the stomach and intervenes by regulating the secretion of gastric juices, thus acting against acidity. You can make an infusion with two bay leaves per cup of water. The bay leaves are boiled for 10 minutes and after letting it rest, you can take this infusion four times a day.

Chamomile infusion.

Chamomile helps neutralize the acidic pH of the stomach while improving digestion, thus reducing the risk of reflux and the consequent heartburn. Make an infusion of chamomile, adding a teaspoon of chamomile to a cup of water when boiling. Hold for 3-4 minutes. Then remove from the heat, cover the infusion and let it rest for another 10 minutes. Before taking it, remember to strain the infusion. You can take an infusion of chamomile three times a day before each meal. It will help you digest better and relieve stomach discomfort.

Home remedies for heartburn based on fruits:

Eat a slice of ripe watermelon. Cut this watermelon slice into small pieces and take them very slowly, chewing each one well before swallowing. In this way you are also generating saliva that will help neutralize stomach acids. Other fruits that will also help are bananas, cantaloupe, and apple. You can also drink apple juice to combat heartburn. Thanks to home remedies you can take care of your health in a very natural way. For something it has always been said that nature is wise.

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