Home remedies to end bed bugs

If you’re looking to kill bed bugs and can’t find the right solution, this article lists the most effective methods, ingredients, and items to kill bed bugs.

Remedies end home for bedbugs include certain items, food and things that are at the fingertips at any home, and can make the difference to end this plague.

Bed bugs are not easy to kill

Did you know that a study conducted at the University of Oxford found that bed bugs are resistant to insecticides? These hemiptera insects that inhabit your mattress and millions of homes, have become immune to common insecticides.

This situation is making researchers consider the need to find ways to eliminate bed bugs without using chemicals, and home remedies to kill bed bugs may be that ally you need.

Home remedies to end bed bugs

Nights can be a problem with bed bugs. These parasites feed on human blood. You can develop red blisters, itching, and pain when these parasites bite. Without a doubt, sleeping on mattresses invaded with these little irritating pests is detrimental.

However, changing mattresses is not a solution. Instead, certain simple, home remedies can end this problem. Bed bugs do not develop by themselves in the home, since not even dirt can lead to the automatic appearance of bed bugs, they have to be brought home through some means.

Steam is a very effective natural remedy to end bed bugs

Steam is a very simple home remedy to end bed bugs. This home remedy is influenced by the pest control method adopted by professional companies. Bed bugs cannot withstand a temperature higher than a certain extent. Therefore, it is a good option to use the hot steam (120 degrees or more) directly on the mattress. Bed bugs are exterminated due to these high temperatures.

Helps eliminate bed bug eggs

This home remedy is so popular as it can also kill the eggs of these insects. However, this method remains in effect as long as the number of bed bugs in your bed is not alarming.

If the bed bugs have already grown and are reproducing to a large extent, all of them cannot be killed by steam. There is always the fear that some may have survived. Therefore, this home remedy is effective in the initial stages of bed bug invasion of mattresses.

Turmeric powder to kill bed bugs

Turmeric is an enemy of bed bugs. Rub the turmeric powder on the mattress. Turmeric contains curcumin. This agent is a powerful antimicrobial agent that creates unfavorable conditions for the survival of bed bugs.

This restricts the oxygen supply inside the mattresses. The insects get trapped and die due to an insufficient supply of oxygen. This may seem surprising, but it is true. Turmeric powder is an effective home remedy for killing bed bugs.

The sun an ally to end bed bugs

As mentioned above, bed bugs cannot withstand high temperatures. If all the insects are not killed by the steam, you can put your mattress in the sun all day. Over 90 degrees Fahrenheit can kill all insects. If you keep your mattress in direct sun, it heats up to temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it is a very simple home remedy to end bed bugs.

Mint to end pests

Peppermint oil offers an allergy-causing odor to bed-dwelling insects. This oil is an effective home remedy to end bed bugs. Peppermint is very powerful that it will prevent stink bugs from contaminating your home and garden.

Some other oils like lavender also help to kill bed bugs successfully. The smell of these oils is irresistible to these pests. However, you need to be sure of one thing while using these home remedies.

You need to be sure that you or family members are not allergic to the smell of any of these oils. If not, these are some of the best ways to kill bed bugs with ease. Here you can see a homemade recipe to prepare your own homemade peppermint oil.

Alcohol to eliminate bed bugs

Bed bugs cannot reproduce in acidic conditions. Isopropyl alcohol creates adverse and opposite conditions for these bed bugs.

This results in the eventual extermination of these parasites. However, this is not an instant process. It is necessary to repeat the use of this home remedy 6 to 7 days in order to kill the bed bugs and all the insects that are in the room or on the bed.

Cloves to kill bed bugs

Cloves are a very common spice that can kill bed bugs. This home remedy is not that popular. However, it is an effective home remedy to kill bed bugs.

The oil of this spice contains odor penetrating agents that are acidic in nature.

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