How to improve the appearance of skin with bentonite

Clays are commonly used for their properties as cosmetics and medicines. They are cleansing, detoxifying, antiseptic, regenerating and healing.

The bentonite also known as green clay and is characterized by its antibacterial effect, remineralizing and purifying. It has the ability to bring freshness and elasticity to the skin and is ideal for oily or combination skin due to its properties to regulate excess oil in the skin.

How to improve skin with bentonite

Bentonite hydrates and cleanses the skin in depth, so we get healthy skin with fewer blemishes. Its mineral salts stimulate the tissues and that is why it becomes a facial and body tonic. Due to its silica, aluminum and zinc content, it regenerates tissues and softens scars. It also has a refreshing and relaxing effect.

How to use bentonite

You can use the bentonite mask if your skin has acne, or is excessively oily, to eliminate blackheads or impurities.

Non-metal utensils should always be used because they diminish the properties of bentonite. Better choose a glass, porcelain, clay or wooden container or bowl, and add two or three tablespoons of green clay that you must mix with a little chlorine-free and demineralized water. Add a few drops of coconut , almond or olive oil, and mix all the ingredients well. Apply to the face with a brush. Once removed, clean the skin well with warm water.

To obtain a good result on your skin, keep in mind the three phases of the bentonite mask:

  1. Wet phase. The skin absorbs the minerals from the outside.
  2. Beginning of the dry phase. The mask when acting stimulates blood flow and closes the pores.
  3. Dry phase. The mask being excessively dry draws moisture from the skin to the surface. The result is dehydration and irritation.

Important: You must remove the mask from your face when you notice that its color is lighter, never when it is completely dry.

Another option is to boil the water for ten minutes and let it cool before adding the bentonite. You can also add some herb to your liking through an infusion.

The masks do not have to be just for the face. They can be applied on the legs to activate circulation and thus alleviate circulatory problems and combat cellulite. In this case, after removing the mask, it should be cleaned with cold water shower jets to enhance its effect on blood circulation.

You can use bentonite in a soaking bath to make the skin all over your body benefit from its properties. Put half a kilo of this clay in the bath water. You can choose hot or cold water to your liking. Relax and enjoy this bentonite bath for half an hour to forty minutes. Your whole body will be revitalized.

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