Leg cramps and how to treat them

Leg cramps cause pain that we have all suffered from. The contraction of the muscles, generally in the calf muscles, although it can also occur in the thighs and feet, does not last more than a few minutes, but in that time, it causes a sensation of terrible discomfort.

Fortunately, in most cases leg cramps are not due to anything serious, they can be quickly relieved with some type of stretching and massage, they can even be prevented if the cause that causes them is identified. But in the case that the cramps are persistent and too painful, or that they affect several parts of the body, it is best to consult a doctor.

Causes of leg cramps

The muscles of the legs can contract causing this temporary pain, which we know as cramps, for different causes. It is important to be able to identify and treat them early before the muscle is damaged.

  • Generally, cramps occur when the person performs some movement in which overexert the muscle or when held for a prolonged period of time in one position.
  • That is why leg cramps are more frequent while someone works sitting or standing, as well as when practicing physical exercises.
  • Another possible cause of cramps is poor blood circulation, the blood does not reach the leg muscles properly and these are adversely affected.
  • It could also be poor hydration and nutritional deficiencies, for example lack of minerals or vitamin E, among others. That is why these cramps are very common in people with anemia and in those who suffer from diarrheal diseases.

How to treat leg cramps

There are many ways that a person can treat the leg muscles to prevent them from contracting causing this pain. In this post, we will list some very simple home remedies that specialists say are quite effective in relieving pain from cramps and avoiding them.

Use hot or cold?

One of the most classic ways to calm a cramp is by placing ice on the affected area. The direct cold on the muscle will allow you to relax more quickly and this will relieve the contraction. The result and the treatment depends a lot on the cause that causes the cramps since some people find it better to apply essential oil (thyme, pine, eucalyptus) rubbing gently on the muscle to give heat. If you do not know whether to choose cold or heat because you do not know which will be better for you, then you can choose to treat the cramp with apple cider vinegar cloths, this technique also calms the pain very quickly.

Vinegar with honey to eliminate cramps

In the event that leg cramps are caused by food deficiencies then this type of vinegar will also be useful. This time you have to mix it with a tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and drink it. A different and not very tasty mix but that will help you recover the minerals that your body is missing.

A hot shower and plenty of rest

When cramps are caused by excessive effort or a weight load on the muscle, then massages and some stretching exercises will be the best way to treat cramps and prevent it from causing major injuries. A hot shower, or better yet a leg bath with mustard seeds, are the most effective way in which you can relax before going to bed to rest.

If, despite treating cramps with all these home remedies, you continue to suffer muscle contractions and pain frequently, then don’t waste any more time and visit your doctor.

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