This fruit removes bad smell in the armpits better than deodorant

Did you know that sweat fights infections? It’s true! Sweat contains a compound called dermicidin that kills harmful bacteria before they get into your body. Using antiperspirant stops this process by clogging your sweat ducts with toxins like aluminum. The bacteria on the skin then grow, multiply, and enter the bloodstream. Natural alternatives are the best options you can take today if you are trying to take care of your health. And one of them is a simple fruit: the lime. Lime can remove underarm odor almost as well as toxic deodorants.

This fruit removes bad smell in armpits better than deodorant

So, staying away from antiperspirant is the best thing to do. Most contain toxins that cause cancer, Alzheimer’s, and impaired reproductive activity.

Instead, get a file to fix your underarm odor problem. Not only is it safer – it is also more effective than any artificial product.

How to use the file to eliminate the bad smell in the armpits

You will need a file that is just right. Cut in half and rub a piece on your armpit. Then repeat on the other side.

Let your armpits dry before putting on your blouse or shirt; this will give the citric acid time to do its job. It will also prevent your clothes from getting stained from the lemon juice.

And ready! That’s it – you must be safe from the bad smell for several hours.

Make sure to use these lime wedges and keep them in a marked container. You should be able to get at least a couple of days of odor protection with each slice.

Why Lime Works as A Deodorant for Underarm Odor

Sweat itself doesn’t smell that bad. What you smell are bacteria and fungi that avoid being eliminated by the dermicidin in your sweat. This bacterium continues to thrive and multiply throughout your armpits.

The ability of the lime to combat the bad smell of armpit sweat is due to its acidity. The acid in lime juice helps reduce sweat production and can work as a natural deodorant. Also, limes have strong antibacterial properties.

Remember, the armpits are supposed to perspire to get rid of toxins in your body. However, you can get rid of body odor; you just have to use files. What if you can use lemon too? Sure, both lime and lemon are great for this effect.


Precautions you should take before using the file in the armpits:

  1. May itch when applied immediately after shaving
  2. Lime juice and the sun react in such a way that they can make your skin burn; do not apply lime juice if you are thinking of exposing this area of ​​your body to the sun.

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