Underarm fungus and how to get rid of them naturally

There are several types of fungus on the skin and they can appear anywhere on the body, however areas with folds or where there is more contact with moisture are the most common. Although there are many commercial remedies that can be effective, if what you want is to have results in a short time, it is best to opt for natural remedies to eliminate fungus in the armpits.

Like any other infection caused by fungi, those of the skin under the arms can be very persistent, since this area has a high moisture content, which also turns out to be too constant for the medications to be productive.

Causes of fungus in the armpits

The fungi that appear in the armpits can be produced by various factors, no matter how clean and well-kept they are. Infections can appear and cause some of the common symptoms of having these skin conditions. One of the main causes of fungi appearing is the appearance of a bacterium called candida, which can appear in different parts of the body.

Excessive sweating, therefore higher humidity in the area

  • The use of razors or waxes to depilate the area.
  • The expulsion of sebaceous secretions.
  • Tension situations that cause stress or anxiety.
  • Nutrition problems.
  • Cheap deodorants that are not hypoallergenic.
  • Lack of hygiene.

Symptoms of fungus in the armpits

Underarm fungus has symptoms that are very similar to any other mitotic skin infection. These are easily distinguished, especially if you have previously suffered from fungus in any other part of the body.

  • Irritation of the armpit skin.
  • Persistent redness in the area.
  • Constant itching that is difficult to relieve. We invite you to read more about itchy armpits.
  • Worrisome changes in skin color.
  • Appearance of cracks or fissures in the area.
  • Scaly skin in the armpits.
  • Eruptions in the folds.

How to remove fungi naturally?

Natural treatments to eliminate underarm fungus are effective, inexpensive and give results in a short time, much less than conventional remedies sold on the market. Among the best natural remedies to eliminate fungus from the armpits we have:


Whether incorporating it into meals in a generous way or applying it directly to the affected skin, garlic is totally valid as a treatment against all kinds of skin disorders, including armpits with fungus.

When ingested, it promotes the partial elimination of pathogens that are harmful to the intestine, not to mention that it helps detoxify the blood. It is also useful as a mask in the form of a paste, since the juice that leaks is easily absorbed by the skin, thus accelerating the recovery process. It is really important that it is used while raw, since it is the only way in which all its properties are used.

Sea salt

Performing a small exfoliation on the affected skin with sea ​​salt can help remove most of the dead cells from it, while fighting the skin fungus. It is not necessary to use too much, it should only be diluted in a little water, then rub the mixture in the area that is affected with light and gentle circular massages.

aloe vera

The gel that this plant has is one of the best and oldest remedies to treat any condition that has to do with the skin. Its moisturizing and repairing properties are responsible for stimulating the activity of cells, while reducing the aging process, it also treats common problems such as fungi and some irritations. You can also read more about irritated armpits.

Apple vinegar

One of the main reasons why apple cider vinegar is ideal to fight fungi is because it alters the environment in which they live and that they need to be able to proliferate.

The acetic acids that it has are responsible for controlling the action of these microorganisms and also regulates the body’s natural pH, without altering the natural oils of the skin. The important thing is that it is not applied directly to the affected area, as it could be very aggressive, causing more damage.

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