White tongue, what are its causes and the best remedies to treat it

If we have a pasty tongue, with a bad taste and white color, it is very likely that we are concerned, however this may be more common than it seems, and one of the main causes may be lack of hygiene although it may also be due to stomach problems or presence of candida. Read on to know in depth what are the problems of suffering from white tongue and how to treat it.

The tongue is one of the indicators of how good people’s health is, especially at the oral level. It generally has a pinkish color and a smooth texture with a homogeneous surface, any change that may be a sign that you are not in good health, in addition to that it may be due to various reasons, the causes of white tongue are varied, and it has many remedies, both natural and commercial to treat it.

Why do you have a white tongue?

The light whitish coating that tends to form on the tongue is called a lingual coating, a symptom that is associated with different types of pathologies. Regularly, this small layer of cells, remains of ingested food and some bacteria appear due to poor oral hygiene, although it can also be an indicator of allergic reactions, anemia or other alterations in the digestive system.

It is a whitish crust with a rough shape that covers the upper part of the tongue, this is usually accompanied by a bad taste in the mouth, not to mention bad breath, sometimes a slight itching is felt, as well as other discomforts.

Causes of white tongue

There are several reasons why you can have a white tongue, it is important before being alarmed to notice if the color persists for several days despite brushing it regularly. Also, if it does not happen only after eating, then this is totally normal. Some of the most significant causes are:

Lack of oral hygiene

When you brush your teeth, the right thing to do is to do it in a certain way, just brushing for half a minute doesn’t work. Being part of the mouth, it is just as important as the teeth, all the experts say that it is essential to brush at least two minutes in a circular way and of course when finished, pass the brush over the entire surface of the tongue. Although it may be a bit unpleasant, there are brushes that have a small silicone on the back, which is designed to be used in these cases.

Stomach inflammation

When the stomach is not well, other organs can be affected and they begin to malfunction. When the intestines vary their flora, it could cause the color and texture of the tongue to be modified, it can also cause constant bad breath, despite maintaining correct hygiene. Although it may seem surprising, any type of ailment that affects the stomach can be what causes a coated tongue.

Smoke and drink

In almost all cases in which you have this condition, it is due to having low defenses, especially at the oral level. This can be caused mainly by tobacco or by the constant and excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, since they reduce the bacterial flora that is responsible for maintaining their balance. In addition, alcohol can affect the liver, which can also vary the state of health of people.

Home remedies to cure white tongue

Fortunately, there are some home remedies that can be used to treat this problem, in order to keep the inside of the mouth clean and healthy. These are the best natural treatments to eliminate white tongue:

Coarse salt

As unpleasant as it may sound, salt is an excellent remedy for treating tongue whitening. The nature of this works as a natural scrub or scraper that removes most of the dead cells, as well as any dirt that is accumulated there. It also has antiseptic properties that help kill all bacteria that can cause bad breath or similar problems on the tongue.

Yogurt with prebiotics

White yogurt is not only good for stomach health, it is also a very effective home remedy for treating this disease. It contains prebiotics that help eliminate fungi that are caused by candida, making that white layer disappear from the tongue but taking care of our body from the inside.

Sodium bicarbonate

It is an inexpensive remedy that helps eliminate that white layer that appears. Baking soda has always been considered a natural exfoliator that helps remove residues that stick to the tongue. In addition, it helps maintain pH levels in the mouth by neutralizing the acids within it. You can wash your tongue with baking soda, or gargle with a teaspoon of bicarbonate dissolved in a glass of water, and always repeat it before going to sleep at night.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera has healing and anti-inflammatory qualities, and it can be considered a good option for treating oral problems. It can act as an antimicrobial and also kill the bacteria that cause white tongue, and alternatively treat bad breath or halitosis problems. The method is simple, you must first have aloe vera juice , and gargle with it. you can do it several times a day.

Vegetal glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a proven remedy for reversing the white color of the tongue. Especially when the root of the problem is having a dry mouth for a long time, which allows the formation of bacteria and bad breath. You can get this product in health food stores, with the name mentioned:  vegetable glycerin. The mode of application is quite simple, you will have to brush your tongue with the glycerin and a soft bristle brush, then rinse with plenty of warm water to remove any dirt from the mouth.

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