Feet without calluses and soft with a mixture of milk and salt

Many people wonder how to have soft feet without calluses?, and the truth is that many of them are prone to suffer from these ailments due to prolonged use of shoes, combined with long working hours. So, if you suffer from calluses on your feet and you really resent the dryness of the skin in this area, in this article you will find the help you are looking for through some home remedies to get softer feet.

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Get callus-free feet with these remedies

Corns on the feet and hard and dry areas that generally appear on the soles of the feet, or even on the toes due to wearing tight shoes or the poor position of our feet, can be reversed with these two ingredients that help soften skin quickly.

Why uses milk?

Milk is known for being part of our daily diet and for being beneficial thanks to the balanced content of its nutrients. If what you want is to have soft and smooth skin, then we recommend its use. When combined with an exfoliator like sea salt, it will become an explosion of softness, especially if you are looking for beautiful and soft feet. This is true if what you want is to reduce the calluses that usually form on the feet.

Benefits of milk for our feet

1. Moisturize

If the skin on your feet feels very dry, rub a little milk on the affected area with the help of a cloth or sponge. You will feel that the skin of your feet becomes softer and smoother. This is due to the high content of lactic acid that it has, so that it helps eliminate dead cells and regenerates the skin. Notably, the result you will get will be softer feet.

2. Slows the oxidation process of the skin

Milk is rich in vitamin A, a property also known as retinol or beta-carotene. This vitamin plays a very important role in the effects of milk on the skin, as it contributes greatly in delaying the aging of the skin. Resulting in beautiful and soft feet.

3. Nourish the skin

If after the bath we finish with a milk rinse, our body will be able to absorb all the nutrients it has. This will make our skin feel smoother and it will also make our feet look more beautiful.

Benefits of salt as an exfoliator for your feet

Since ancient times there have been home remedies for soft feet, and salt is one of them, as it has been used as a natural exfoliant for years. Salt helps remove dead cells and impurities from our skin, contributing to its regeneration, and therefore, leaving it smoother. However, the question that arises is how do you keep your feet hydrated and soft? To do this, we simply recommend rubbing the salt over those areas that cause us so much discomfort, resulting in more beautiful feet.

How to have soft feet?

The first thing you will need are 2 liters of milk and 100 grams of coarse salt or sea salt. Mix these ingredients to get rid of those annoying calluses and thus have beautiful and soft feet.


  1. You must first heat the milk. You should not allow it to boil, and it should be at a temperature where it is comfortable for you to dip your feet in it.
  2. Prepare a bathtub that makes it easier for you to rest your feet so that you can rest them there for about 30 minutes. Take advantage and relax as much as you can.


  • Once our skin has absorbed the properties of milk, and the lactic acid has softened those callused areas of our feet, we proceed to exfoliate them.
  • To do this, we proceed to exfoliate our feet with the salt, giving preference to the roughest places, where calluses tend to form. For example, the sides of our feet, where bunions are created, also on the fingers and sole.
  • Once the process is finished, immerse the feet in the milk again to remove the excesses of the products used. Now you can pat your feet dry.

I hope this article has been very useful to you. The main thing will be that you have learned how to keep your feet hydrated and soft.

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