Natural remedies for liver inflammation

Inflammation of the liver is one of the most common disorders, characterized by an increase in its size compared to the size of a normal liver. Although increasing its size may occasionally cause discomfort, the truth is that liver inflammation is not always accompanied by symptoms that something is wrong. For this reason, many times it is really difficult to determine if it is the inflamed liver that is causing the problem or if it is another ailment completely different from the inflammation of the liver.

Why the liver becomes inflamed?

Bearing in mind that we are talking about one of the organs of the body that fulfills the most functions, there are many types of ailments that it can suffer, although in most of them liver inflammation always appears in a characteristic way.

There are many treatments for liver inflammation, but precisely as this organ is in charge of processing all the nutrients in the body, it is convenient to avoid taking drugs as much as possible and replace these with foods that can be very useful for us. improve bile production and lower liver inflammation.

How to reduce liver inflammation with natural remedies?

Nature is wise and puts at our disposal a very wide range of foods that can help the inflammation of the liver go down so that it returns to its normal size. The foods that will help us are the following.


The artichoke is a vegetable that collaborates very actively in the task of purifying the liverIt is especially recommended for those who suffer from fatty liver or jaundice, the disease that causes the skin to turn a more yellowish tone.


The dandelion is a totally recommended grass. It is one of the so-called cleansing herbs, because it has diuretic properties. In addition, it will help our body to increase the production of bile and has a mild laxative effect.


Licorice has the ability to increase the strength of liver cells, thus achieving a much more protected liver. Among its properties it must be said that it is also anti-inflammatory.

Milk thistle.

The thistle is a plant that can be found in the form of drops or infusion into many herbalists. The seeds of this plant contain silymarin, a component with properties whose main objective is to strengthen and protect liver cells.

In addition to its protective properties that help the inflammation of the liver disappear, it also has properties that act as antioxidants and that favor the ability of the liver to eliminate toxins that are not necessary for the body.

Many other foods to treat liver inflammation.

In general, the foods that help reduce liver inflammation are all those that have diuretic and cleansing properties. For example, a citrus fruit such as lemon taken mixed with water in equal parts and on an empty stomach, can significantly improve the digestive process and promote purification and cleansing of the liver. Onions and  asparagus are other foods that are recommended to fight liver inflammation as they have been shown to reduce liver inflammation.

If you have been diagnosed with a liver ailment or think you suffer from inflammation of the liver, consult a specialist before starting any type of treatment. These natural remedies to alleviate liver inflammation are not only not going to do you any harm, but they will be of great help to purify your body. In one way or another, if you go to a specialized doctor, he will be the one who will give you the most appropriate treatment based on the characteristics and causes of your problem related to liver inflammation.

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